SAFE 2014

Formed in 2013,  Asia Pacific Network for  Sustainable Agriculture,  Food and Energy  (SAFE-Network) has the SAFE conference series Amazon shares price which is established  as the principal international conference on sustainable agriculture, food and energy in Asia Pacific. International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture,  Food and Energy (SAFE2014)  are important events to share common experiences and the premier forum for the presentation of technological advances and research results in the fields of Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy.  This conference is the second conference after the 1st International Conference on Sustainable Agriculture, Food, and Energy (SAFE2013) in Padang, Indonesia (12-14 May 2013).

The objective of the conference are: (1) To exchange and share the experiences,new ideas, sustainability concepts and research results on sustainable agriculture, foods cience & technology and energy; (2) To promote collaboration in research on sustainable agriculture, foods and energy production; (3) To establish a regional network on sustainable agriculture, food science & technology and energy; (4) To how to invest in Amazon shares promote global action for sustainable agriculture, food and energy

Papers presented at SAFE2014 will be published in International Journal on  Advanced Science, Engineering and Information Technology (IJASEIT) | ISSN : 2088-5334 and Asia Pacific J. Sus. Agri. Food & Energy ISSN 2338-1345 . The papers from Plenary Speaker will be published in book entitled Sustainable Agriculture,  Food and Energy: A Guide for Global Action.

The theme of SAFE2014 is “Global Action For Sustainable Agriculture, Food and Energy” With the said major themes this conference  invites research papers on the following sub-themes and topics: (1)  Sustainability of food in science and technology (2)  Sustanable Bioenergy Sources and Management. (3)  Sustainable Agriculture and food production (4)  Sustainability assessment of food, bioenergy how to buy Amazon shares in the South Africa and agricultural development (5)  Policy development and guidelines to support global action for sustainable agriculture, food and energy in Asia Pacific.  

Registration and submission

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Bali!

Dr. Novizar Nazir
Executive Chairman SAFE-Network Coordinator